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Gypsy Art Journal

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I love trading art journals with other artists or collaborating on round robin journal swaps. With one on one swaps, as well as round robin swaps sometimes there is a theme to the journal and at other times there isn’t. It depends on what the artists agree to do. I just finished up a journal for the UKATC group in a round robin we have been doing. The theme to this one is “Gypsies” and each artist has to create two pages in a gypsy theme. I am only showing my pages in this book because I do not have the permission of the book’s owner nor the other artists involved.

Gypsy Art Journal

Gypsy Journal

As you can see from the photo, the book is filled to the brim with fibres and beads and embellishments.

I covered one page with pattered paper and cut to fit the page. I stamped a Crafty Individuals stamp in Versamark brown ink on patterned cardstock. I cut the image out and mounted it on a glittered cardstock and added jewels to her crown. I placed this on top of the bottom layer of pattered paper. I printed out the phrase “Queen of the Gypsies” on paper and distressed with ink. I cut out horseshoe images from a die cut collection and adhered that to the card. A moon and dome sticker were added for interest.

Gypsy Page 01

Gypsy Journal Page 1

The second page I covered with tarot paper I got from a shop in Florence Italy (I am addicted to papers and I was in heaven in Florence!). On another piece of paper I stamped a Lilac and Lemon Designs Art Nouveau woman stamp based on an Alphonse Mucha design. I coloured it with Copic Markers and highlighted it with glitter gel pens and glitter glue. I mounted it on iridescent paper.

Gypsy Journal Page 2

I am working on several other journals so I will eventuallypost photos of those as soon as I have the time.

The Sun and the Moon and Me

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I have been interested in Celestial themes in artwork for a very long time. I love old woodcuts of the sun and moon, old sky maps, even astronomical instruments.

My artwork has not exhausted the theme – yet. My latest sun and mood drawing shows the sun and moon entwined.

In some mythologies, the sun and moon are brother and sister (in Norse mythology the sun is a goddess, Sunna. The moon is her brother Mani.) In other mythologies, like Greek, the sun is masculine (and called Helios) and the moon is feminine (and named Seléne).

In my artwork, the sun and moon are mostly androgynous. Not always, but mostly. I like bright colours so the sun is shown in bright oranges and yellows with a hint of red. The moon is shown in cooler blues and silvers.

Anyway, this is a sketch I have come up with for the sun and moon. It’s done on lightweight cardstock and with Copic Markers, white gel pen and metallic pens.

Welcome to the den!

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Welcome to The Artistic Fox’s den! I am not totally moved in yet, and I don’t have everything unpacked but feel free to stay a while and relax while you’re here.

In this blog I plan to write about arts and crafts and how doing artwork impacts my life (and how life impacts my art), where I get inspiration to draw and paint, a bit about my personal life, and of course foxes!  I may even try to throw in a video tutorial or two when I have the time.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, although I don’t consider myself to be a writer. I have no interest in being published and I run hard and fast with grammar rules. However, I do like communicating with other people, and thus this blog. I’ve been communicating and sharing ideas with people since the 1970s and I had my first pen pal when I was 12 years old. Blogging is just an extension of that.

I also enjoy trading art with other artists – this is why I enjoy trading Artist’s Trading Cards and Art Journals with other artists. Sure, selling art rocks, but also sharing ideas and techniques helps me learn new techniques and see what other people are doing.

The aim of this blog is to have a dialogue with other people and other artists. I hope I can accomplish this and make this journal a friendly place for other people to feel comfortable.

I am always available for questions, so if I have a certain technique on this journal that you want to have more information on, just contact me.

Now, on with the show!