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Trees in my artwork

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

One of my favourite things to draw and paint is trees. Trees are such an interesting subject – just the sheer variety of trees and the different leaves, bark and shapes the branches make can give inspiration for ages.

If you add whimsy to that – spirals, colours not associated with trees, hearts, etc. really helps give the trees personality.

In these drawings I added elements of whimsy as well as exaggerated some of the features of the trees.

With this tree drawing I wanted to accentuate the roots of the oak going into the ground, thus stabilizing it.  Its branches reach up to the sky creating a heart shape in the middle of the tree. I made the trunk, roots and branches more important than the leaves. I wanted to show the mighty centre of the oak.

Heart of Oak

This tree is full of vitality as it is the height of summer. Spirals represent leaves on the trees and everything is bright and colourful.

Spiral Spirit Tree

In this drawing I combined two of my favourite themes – hearts and trees. The dark inner wood of the tree that is resistant to decay is called “heartwood” by the way. I think of trees as old wise plants that do a lot for humanity.

Heart Tree 04

Some benefits tree provide:

  • Give us shade
  • They give us food in fruit and nuts
  • Filter noise from roads and cities
  • They are natural air filters trapping carbon monoxide and dust
  • They shelter us
  • The provide us with products like paper and without paper I couldn’t create much of my artwork
  • They are a home to wildlife

These are just some of the reasons why I honour trees in my artwork.  Trees are one of those subjects I cannot get enough of.

Women of Yesteryear Journal

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Another journal I have recently been working on is a “Yesteryear” journal. These pages are made using ephemera I have picked up here and there.

Women of Yesteryear Page 1

The photos of the two women were taken from a paper collection (and mounted on burgundy cardstock) as was the London Bridge paper. Flowery background paper was bought at some scrapbook store several years ago in the US. I added ribbon, a heart doo-dad (for lack of a better word! LOL!) and some faux gems.

Women of Yesteryear Page 2

The photo of the woman on this page was taken from an Edwardian postcard I bought at a flea market. I enlarged it and printed it on cardstock. I cut it out and adhered it to another background paper I bought in the US several years ago. Stamps, peel-offs and a faux flower were added for interest.

Soon I will be posting some ATCs I have hand drawn.

Fox happenings in the garden

Friday, February 5th, 2010

We have a vixen with mange who was in the garden eating out of Ilene’s (Ilene was our resident vixen until she disappeared a couple of weeks ago)  bowl tonight. I tried to go out while she was in the garden but she took off. I need to medicate her ASAP. Medication is coming for me and a sick fox that my friend Chris has in his garden. One of three things could have happened to Ilene. She could have died (average life span for the urban fox is 18 mos), she could have lost her territory or….she could be pregnant! I really do miss her, but as she is a wild animal I knew this would happen.  Wildlife is what it is.

Later success! She came back to cache food & I tapped on a window of the conservatory & she looked at me & didn’t run. I went outside in my stocking feet & she stayed in the garden with me for a few mins before slowly skulking away. I used the same calls that I use with Ilene. Generally foxes run within 10 seconds of sensing me. I wonder if she isn’t one of this year’s kits? She might “know” me. She has a thin sweet face.

The fact that she isn’t running far away bodes well for her mange treatment as I need to make sure she is the one who is eating it. Her mange is on about 25 percent of her flanks and she has chewed part of her front leg raw. It hasn’t spread to the tail yet.

I am going to name her Sweet Face. I generally wouldn’t bother naming wild animals (none of the birds have names except for things like “that really fat robin”!) but it helps Kevin (my husband) and I to determine who is in the garden at any one time. And…she came back twice more and brought a friend who is lovely – all gorgeous fur and big fluffy tail.

You know what? I am most happy when I am dealing with animals. Maybe it’s because they ask for nothing from me. Nothing at all – and the grace me with their beauty.